Johnny Beirne

Johnny Beirne

This interview is with Johnny Beirne, who is an expert in online course creation. Johnny is the Author of ‘Say (…)

This interview is with Johnny Beirne, who is an expert in online course creation. Johnny is the Author of ‘Say it Once. Sell it Often’ – get it while it’s FREE at Here is a summary below of some of his tips, but enjoy the full interview to get the rest.

Career Profile

Johnny uses his expertise in social media and online course creation to teach professionals how to effectively deliver and monetise their own online courses.

He shared some of his considerable expertise with Conor from Self Makers, giving advice on using platforms such as Udemy, Kajabi and Teachable.

Here are some of his key insights; scroll down to watch the full interview, or listen to it on the Self Makers podcast.

Why teaching online courses is ‘a dream business’

‘You could have 1,000 people on an online course, and it doesn’t have a major impact on your time, but it has a great impact on your income.’

Find the pain point

‘What problem do you solve? What transformation does your course bring to people? And what people have that pain and are willing to pay for it?’
Keep it simple

‘The formula that I suggest to people is five sections, with five lessons in each section with five slides in each lesson. And that just makes it quantifiable for you, as the online instructor or the trainer.’

Don’t overwhelm your students

‘Nobody wakes up in the morning going, “wahoo, I’m going to buy an eight hour course today!” If you could teach them in five minutes they’d be delighted.’
Get on camera

‘I would highly recommend that you need to be on camera as much as possible. It’s a great, engaging experience for the student because they feel like you’re there with them. And they get to know, like, and trust you a lot quicker.’

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