Ariana Dunne

Ariana Dunne

Career Profile Ariana Dunne has worked over the last fifteen years for some of the biggest publishing companies including The (…)

Career Profile

Ariana Dunne has worked over the last fifteen years for some of the biggest publishing companies including The Daily Mail Group, Bauer Media, and JOE Media. Building on her experience and connections, Ariana is now a real multi-hyphenate – with multiple incomes from her multiple roles. The name multi-hyphenate comes from the use of many hyphens; it’s simpler than it might sound. So, Ariana has lots of roles and hyphens e.g. career coach – celebrant – trainer – mentor – recruiter – ad sales manager.

Her in-demand skill set has made this possible with a staggering eleven income streams. Her main focus is to help people at a crossroads; to choose their next path.

In this interview, she gives personal insights into her own successful career. Below are some of her key insights.

Being a Multi-hyphenate

“My experience of being a multi-hyphenate has been really interesting. I’m not putting all of my eggs in one basket. I wouldn’t have been as successful over the last 2 years if I had been putting all my eggs in one basket because there’s so much stress and pressure that gets attached to that, especially when you’re working for yourself”.
Get out of your own way

“I always say to people, get out of your own way. Someone who doesn’t engage with social media thinks Facebook is stupid and Instagram is for influencer idiots, that’s fine but if its going to serve the purpose of your business then you need to get out of your own way and get on board by creating social media accounts”.

You can’t be good at everything

“I think people who go out on their own, think that they have to be on their own. A really important acknowledgment is knowing that you can’t be good at everything”.

Why I became a coach

“One of the reasons why I became a coach, particularly with women, is that I wanted women to have a voice. I wanted them to not be afraid to say to their bosses – this is the work I’ve been doing and I want more money because chances are if you are doing a good job you’ll get it”.

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