Brendan Courtney

Brendan Courtney

Career Profile Brendan Courtney is an Irish TV presenter, broadcaster & fashion designer. He has written many hit TV formats (…)

Career Profile

Brendan Courtney is an Irish TV presenter, broadcaster & fashion designer. He has written many hit TV formats and made award-winning documentaries. He co-founded the fashion label Lennon Courtney in 2012 and he was the first openly gay presenter in Ireland.

What I love about Brendan

Brendan is brave. As a result, he is never afraid to stand up for himself or a cause which needs a champion.

He has a thirst for knowledge to keep up-skilling. Therefore, going back to education as a mature student, allowed him to study fashion and complete a tech accelerator programme.

He is very innovative and has founded four businesses around the core pillars of fashion and TV. Being open about the successes and failures, he keeps moving forward.

He has cultivated a strong personal brand and presence online, therefore keeping a high profile for potential clients.

Ways Of Working #WOW

Little by little

“If I want to get some work done, sometimes I struggle. Procrastination is the enemy. I know I need to create momentum, so I make a deal with myself, just do 30 mins. Then I do this and I get into it and these little crumbs of achievement help motivate me. And I am making new habits”.

Read, write and design

“My three goals in work are to read, write and design. For example, to read a book, write an article or design some new idea. I set a goal to work for 90 minutes and spend 30 minutes each on reading, writing and designing. I may go over time but these are my minimum to keep me on track”.

Working with partners

“I love to work with partners as they can be great as a sounding board. The idea for Lennon Courtney was first written on a paper napkin. It was a great success and the napkin is now framed on Sonya Lennon’s wall”.

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